Products By Name

Surface Materials

Bring Your Vision to Life!Let your creativity flow with our wide range of fabrics and finishes. Inspired by nature, our comprehensive program was thoughtfully selected to complement all of Paoli's products.

Fabrics to Fit Your Every Need.

Our assortment of upholsteries from Momentum Textiles and beyond, gives you a broad selection in lower grades and amazing designs in our mid to premium grades.




The Warmth and Beauty of Wood.

Inspired by nature, our wholistic palette of veneers provides a relevant light-to-dark spectrum that adds to the beauty of any environment, and features low-emitting finish systems to meet indoor air quality standards.

High-Performance Laminates.

A range of woodgrain and solid options to create your desired look. Our laminate palette also simply and easily blends with other materials for a cohesive aesthetic.

Durable Metal Finishes

From support legs to grommets, accents and more, our metal finish selection provides long-lasting durability while helping to bring your product to life.