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Working Healthier Through a Balance of Movement

Humans weren't designed to sit all day, nor we intended to stand all day. This is where sit-to-stand workstations provide the perfect opportunity for movement throughout the day. 

With the rise in health and wellness concerns in the workplace, and more studies showing the harmful effects of full-time sitting, providing flexible furniture to outfit employees is critical for their long-term well-being and in maintaining productivity levels. Changing posture and varying movement from sitting to standing, and back again, keeps the body and mind more active and healthy, which can lead to a number of benefits for both the employee and the company. 

Height-adjustable workstations also allow users to easily shift with their work modes. When there is a need for heads-down concentration, many users prefer to sit and focus, while collaborative or creative work can be more conducive while standing.  Having this ability incorporated into personal spaces allows individuals to shift seamlessly, without downtime or a loss of productivity. 

That's why we developed Kindle One to include a variety of height-adjustable models, giving every worker, at every level the flexibility to get up and move throughout the day.