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What's Your Zone?

The way you work reflects the way you live. Do you sketch your ideas in a notebook or on an iPadĀ®? Check emails at the local coffee shop? Quickly huddle in an open area rather than schedule a meeting room?

The old formula of the cubicle-laden office has been replaced by unique spaces that accommodate different types of working. Along with the flexibility afforded to new technologies, the office has become an extension of how we live, and there is no longer a one-size-fits-all approach. 

It is now possible to be productive away from the "cubicle". There are work zones for meeting with clients, brainstorming, concentrated working, relaxing, and collaborating to list a few. These work zones all interconnect and reflect the individual work patterns and preferences that define today's modern workplace. The key is to select products that integrate together to form the work zone you need, and also provide you with the flexibility to transform as needs change. From Kindle One to Tribe, CO|HO to Universal, Paoli develops each series to not only work alone, but to effectively complement others for a complete solution to the ever-changing needs of the workplace.