At Paoli, we exist to serve and to make a difference for you.

Jordon Clements is a member of sales operations team and helps ensure your order is successfully built at Paoli.

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We're Committed To Your Success

Paoli is a company rich in heritage dating back to 1926.  We are a mid-tier performance contract office furniture brand providing best in category casegoods, seating, and conference products.  We are constantly reinventing ourselves, and our eye towards the future keeps our brand, products and services fresh and relevant.  Our vision is to serve and to make a difference in the lives of others.

We believe several things integral to our business model can add value to your business objectives.  When you consider Paoli, please consider:


  • We offer best in category quality, breadth of relevant product choice, and speed .
  • We operate 1.2M square feet of manufacturing space, and have strong operating capabilities.
  • We are organized as a single manufacturing campus in southern Indiana, with six interrelated plants producing standard product in 4 weeks or less for most products with a complete and on time ship-date record of better than 99.5%.
  • With over 500 members and an average tenure of 18 years, we have an experienced workforce working side by side with the up and coming generation to produce the best in craftsmanship and innovative thinking.
  • Our products are American made by great and hard working Hoosiers from the heartland of America.


Our objective with each customer is to give you the trust and confidence you are working with a great partner driven to deliver a remarkable experience to you every time.  We have a very strong service centric culture, focusing on six core values we believe in very deeply:

  • We believe in the power and importance of human connections – relationships matter a great deal to us and we believe they are the centerpiece to building long-term trust and confidence.
  • We believe in making an impact for others – our goal is to respond proactively and to add value to your role in the selling or buying process.
  • We believe everyone plays a role in success – we value all positions and all people, and know when we work together as a team success happens for us and our customers.
  • We believe in each other, our Paoli family, and our customers – we will always start from a position of trust and confidence in all dealings with others.
  • We believe in and embrace life, and lifework balance – we are a glass half full, high energy, can-do organization also placing high value on quality of life outside of work.
  • We believe in character, and ours is unshakeable – yes is yes, no is no, and there is no grey area when it comes to integrity at Paoli.


Our passion for our culture and business model performance is the heartbeat of our soul and supports our vision to serve and make a difference.  We look forward to the opportunity to work with you on your next project, and appreciate your interest in Paoli.


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